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November 2016 Archives

Are your child's financial needs being met?

Stories about child support pop up in the news from time to time, often including such terms as "deadbeat dad" or "delinquent payments." Unfortunately not every parent who is subject to the terms of an Arizona child support order is able to make timely and complete payments toward that obligation. Even those who do may see their children's needs go unnoticed if the children's custodial parent fails to contribute to the financial welfare of their lives.

Can I get more time with my kids over the holidays?

The holidays can be a very special time for parents and their children. All throughout Arizona families will celebrate a myriad of festivities, share in the giving of food and gifts and will have more time than they normally do to simply enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, though, children of divorce and those other children who are also subject to child custody orders and agreements may not have the opportunity to spend much time with both of the parents they love.

Violence, drug abuse may lead to change in custody order

One of the most important factors that an Arizona court will consider when it is creating a child custody order is how that order should be crafted to serve the best interests of the child subject to its terms. In this respect, child custody orders and arrangements are highly case-specific, as an arrangement that may serve one child's needs may not be proper for the needs of another child. Several factors, however, are generally considered dangerous to the interests of a child, and if present in the life of a custodial parent, may result in that parent's loss of rights to custody.

Have you been denied visitation with your grandchildren?

It is an unfortunate truth that the acrimony that leads two married people to divorce can also spill over into their other relationships. Often a person who chooses to end her marriage may not only want to sever ties with her husband but also with all of her husband's friends and relatives. Although it may be necessary, a complete split be incredibly difficult when children are involved.

Digital assets are important to protect during divorce

It is rare to find a Phoenix resident who does not use some form of social media account to connect with the masses and share with his or her friends. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or something else, the ways in which a person can choose to connect and share online are at an all-time high. This can be great news for individuals who have no reason to suspect their lives are under scrutiny. However, for those individuals who are going through divorces, this is not always the case.