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Are your child’s financial needs being met?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2016 | Child Support

Stories about child support pop up in the news from time to time, often including such terms as “deadbeat dad” or “delinquent payments.” Unfortunately not every parent who is subject to the terms of an Arizona child support order is able to make timely and complete payments toward that obligation. Even those who do may see their children’s needs go unnoticed if the children’s custodial parent fails to contribute to the financial welfare of their lives.

A noncustodial parent is generally not the exclusive source of financial backing for a child. In fact, when Arizona courts look at how best to serve the child’s needs it will evaluate both of the parents’ financial positions. A custodial parent will usually be expected to make financial contributions to the child’s medical care, educational costs and other needs in addition to the support that is received from the other parent.

When either the custodial or noncustodial parent fails to provide a child with the financial support she needs to maintain her lifestyle, then the other parent may have a claim to enforce the existing child support order. Seeking enforcement of a child custody order can be a challenging process and in some cases individuals use the services of family law attorneys to provide guidance during their legal disputes.

John Bednarz, a family law attorney based in the Phoenix area, understands how important it is to parents to see their kids thrive. Finding happiness and success after the divorce of their parents can be tough on kids, but when children’s parents remain supportive of their needs they can overcome their challenges. He is a zealous advocate for his clients and their needs and is prepared to work with individuals who require legal help enforcing the financial needs of their kids.