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August 2016 Archives

We can help fathers who are missing out on their kids' lives

It takes two people to bring a child into the world, but some people may think that it takes only a mother's love to raise children. Historically, mothers received preferential treatment from courts when it came to establishing child custody and visitation plans for children of unmarried or divorce parents; this preference often left fathers fighting for their rights to spend time with their kids.

The best interests of the child can be different in each case

Going to court over any legal matter can be very overwhelming. Family law matters can be particularly difficult due in large part to the emotional toll that such a personal issue can take on a person. In Arizona, some parents must go to hearings in court to establish plans regarding the custody of their children.

Former NFL star faces child support enforcement battle

Former National Football League wide receiver Andre Rison used to make headlines for his impressive offensive plays with teams like the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs. Though his professional sports career ended more than a decade ago, Rison has once again found himself in the news, but this time for a very different reason. Phoenix residents may have read that Rison is being pursued by the justice system for failing to stay current on his child support obligation.

Paternity and a father's rights to his child

Determining paternity can be a challenging process. Many fathers seek the assistance of a family law attorney to help them complete the important course of work required to prove their fathers' rights. While mothers are easily identifiable as a parent to their kids, fathers can be more difficult to recognize if they are not in a relationship with their children's mother.

Do my ex's parents have visitation rights to my kids?

Many children thrive when they are supported by family members who love them. In Arizona, some children experience the regular care and compassion of not only their mothers and fathers but also their aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Extended family members can form strong bonds with their younger relatives, but when divorce pulls the two sides of a nuclear family apart, their extended relations can be left struggling to maintain their connections to loved nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.