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The best interests of the child can be different in each case

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2016 | Child Custody

Going to court over any legal matter can be very overwhelming. Family law matters can be particularly difficult due in large part to the emotional toll that such a personal issue can take on a person. In Arizona, some parents must go to hearings in court to establish plans regarding the custody of their children.

Child custody has to do with the legal power of a parent to make decisions about his child’s upbringing and the rights of a parent to spend time with the child. After a child custody hearing, a parent may be granted or denied legal and physical custody, the former having to do with a parent’s ability to control the important decisions that are necessary to make for raising the child. Parents do not have to go into these important courtroom proceedings alone; family law attorneys like John Bednarz can provide legal guidance to those who are fighting for custody of their kids

Attorney John Bednarz knows that parents know their kids better than anyone else. He recognizes that no two child custody cases are the same and that the interests of different children will warrant different custody results. He and his clients work together to formulate child custody strategies that not only serve the best interests of the children subject to the plans, but also the interests of the parents who are responsible for implementing them.

John Bednarz is available to work with new clients who need help preparing for their child custody hearings and negotiations. His law offices are conveniently located in Phoenix. Readers of this family law blog are invited to visit his firm online through its child custody website.