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January 2016 Archives

You may be eligible for relative visitation rights

There is no question that divorces tear Arizona families apart. Especially when children are involved in the termination of a couple's marital union, the emotions and stresses of separating a family can be incredibly strong. While it is often the immediate family affected by divorce that is considered during the end of a couple's marriage, other family members can be cut out and impacted by a divorce within their extended family.

Parents shunned online for child support deficiencies

Last week President Barack Obama made his State of the Union speech to the American public. Additionally, Arizona's governor, Doug Ducey, also made a State of the Union address that focused on issues of importance to the state's residents. An important family law topic came up during Ducey's comments and it has raised the concerns of some fathers' rights groups.

Arizona property divisions are based on community property laws

When a Phoenix resident buys something he may simply believe that the acquired asset is his and his alone. However, if that individual is married, his spouse is likely also an owner of the item he purchased. This is because Arizona is a community property state. Though there are exceptions to the laws that will be discussed in this post, generally any property that a married person acquires during the course of his marriage will be considered the property of both he and his spouse.

Can domestic violence charges affect my child custody rights?

It is important for readers of this Arizona family law blog to remember that courts act to preserve the best interests of the children whose lives are affected by those courts' decisions. This can include decisions that courts make with regard to child custody matters. Though every child custody matter is different and readers of this blog should not rely on it as specific legal advice, they are encouraged to use the information contained herein as a starting point to understanding family law issues.