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You may be eligible for relative visitation rights

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2016 | Grandparents' Rights

There is no question that divorces tear Arizona families apart. Especially when children are involved in the termination of a couple’s marital union, the emotions and stresses of separating a family can be incredibly strong. While it is often the immediate family affected by divorce that is considered during the end of a couple’s marriage, other family members can be cut out and impacted by a divorce within their extended family.

For example, divorce can often put a strain on the relationship between a child and his grandparents on his noncustodial parent’s side of the family. If the child does not spend much time with a noncustodial parent based on the terms of his child custody agreement, he may have limited access to his grandparents as well. Grandparents can feel left out and alienated from the grandchildren they love due to the end of their children’s marital relationships.

However, in Arizona, it is sometimes possible for grandparents to secure time with their grandchildren after their children’s divorces. Grandparent visitation is available in some cases, and as with many other decisions made by family courts, must serve the best interests of the children in order to be considered. Not all grandparents are eligible for court-approved visitation time with their grandchildren, but those who are interested in learning more about such options may wish to speak to family law attorneys about their opportunities.

John Bednarz, attorney at law, provides legal services to individuals interested in pursuing relative visitation rights, including grandparent visitation. His firm recognizes that divorce severs relationships and not just those between a husband and wife. Grandparents and grandchildren can lose important time together when divorce pulls family members apart. Attorney Bednarz is prepared to work with those who would like to use legal methods of rebuilding broken family ties.