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November 2017 Archives

How the wishes of the child play into Arizona custody orders

As this blog has discussed previously, fathers who live in Phoenix, Arizona, but not in the same home as their child's mother, generally speaking have the exact same rights to custody as the child's mother. In other words, courts in Arizona are going to look at what the best interests of the child are when it comes to deciding custody and should not automatically presume the mother is going to be the best custodial parent.

We help grandparents connect with their grandchildren

A previous post on this blog reminded Phoenix, Arizona, grandparents that getting court-ordered visitation of the grandchildren is an uphill battle. It is true that parents have special privileges to control who sees their children and when, even when it comes to their children's own grandparents.

We can help grandparents raising grandchildren

A previous post on this blog reported that many children in the Phoenix area currently live with their grandparents. Oftentimes, this arrangement is not handled through Arizona's child welfare system, which means the grandparents may at some point need to advocate for their legal rights to continue to raise or to at least have frequent visits with their grandchildren.