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May 2015 Archives

Grandparents' rights in Arizona

Divorce is increasing in the United States, including in Arizona. In fact, some statistics say that the national divorce rate has reached almost 50 percent. With the disintegration of families, children often suffer in the process. Hence, there is a need for grandparents to play a more significant role in the family. For example, there is the case of two grandparents who love their grandchildren very much.

Experienced attorney handles Arizona property division matters

Divorce is not just about breaking hearts, it is also about splitting assets through the property division process. As any Arizona resident may agree, contested property division issues in a divorce are often a waste of money, time and sanity.

Child custody modification and relocation in Arizona-Part I

As Phoenix, Arizona residents would agree, divorce becomes inherently more complicated when children are involved. While spouses can look forward to a better future ahead, children are sometimes left feeling insecure, believing that parents should remain together and live under the same roof. While always keeping the best interests of the child in mind, a court often orders one parent to take custody of a child and orders the other parent to pay child support.

Important things for seniors to know before filing for divorce

Senior Citizens ending a marriage, or obtaining the so-called "gray divorce," is no longer a decision that raises eyebrows in America. A study has shown that divorce rates for people older than 50 has doubled in the last 20 years. However, older Arizona couples need to take note of a few important things before calling it quits.