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February 2016 Archives

Understand your financial situation before you file for divorce

Most successful ventures in life begin with a plan. Whether it has to do with an Arizona resident accomplishing a personal goal or a Phoenix business meeting its corporate objectives, a plan can take a person from just thinking about making progress to actually completing the necessary steps toward achievement. Plans are also important parts of making changes to the relationships and agreements people have with their loved ones. When it comes to ending a marriage, it is always a good idea to have a financial plan for life during and after a divorce.

Can I pay my past due child support obligation as a lump sum?

Some bills only come once, such as those for a doctor's visit or the purchase of an item of personal property. Others can come every month until a Phoenix resident pays off the associated debt or obligation. Monthly rents or mortgages, car payments and credit card bills are all the types of financial obligations that individuals address on a monthly basis.

Who gets the money in a pre-marriage account after divorce?

It is not uncommon for Arizonians to get married later in life. As such, some Arizonians find themselves tying the knot for the first time after accumulating significant property and wealth in their own names. Depending upon the marital property laws in a person's jurisdiction, how that property is divided during his divorce can look different.

The role of relocation in an Arizona child custody case

Arizona parents must balance many responsibilities to keep their families' lives afloat. From holding down their jobs to ensuring that their children receive the care and love that they need to thrive, getting through each day can be a struggle when small hurdles arise. In some instances, major changes occur that can throw this delicate balancing act off, and one of those changes is the requirement that an Arizona parent relocate for his or her job.