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Can I pay my past due child support obligation as a lump sum?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2016 | Child Support

Some bills only come once, such as those for a doctor’s visit or the purchase of an item of personal property. Others can come every month until a Phoenix resident pays off the associated debt or obligation. Monthly rents or mortgages, car payments and credit card bills are all the types of financial obligations that individuals address on a monthly basis.

Child support is also the type of obligation that noncustodial parents must address each month. Generally, a parent will be responsible for providing a set amount of money to his or her children on a periodic schedule. However, as with any periodic or monthly financial obligation, child support payments can be missed. A parent’s failure to pay his child support can result in the accrual of penalties and other costs attached to the unpaid sums.

According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, a parent can pay off his past due child support in a lump sum. Through the Settlement Program, a parent may seek to settle the amount of child support he has been unable to pay to become current on his obligation. Through the settlement of his child support delinquency he may be able to provide for both his kids’ financial needs and take control of his own economic troubles.

Raising a child is expensive and parents who must pay child support may feel that keeping up with their obligations is a difficult task. When an unexpected life event prevents a parent from making monthly child support payments, he may be able to make a lump-sum payment to become current on his debt. Individuals interested in learning more about child support settlement may wish to speak with their family law attorneys about this option.