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October 2018 Archives

Parenting time over the holidays

With October winding down, many residents of the Phoenix area are probably starting to think about the major winter holidays that will be upon us in a few short weeks. This is a stressful time for a lot of reasons, as the holidays require a lot of planning and preparing.

What are my options if both of my grandkids' parents die?

A previous post here discussed what grandparents can do if their own adult child dies and leaves behind children. Generally speaking, the grandparents need to rely on Arizona's Grandparent Visitation Statue to get court-ordered visits with grandchildren, and getting custody would usually be reserved to special circumstances.

What is so special about an offshore account?

Many of our readers know that offshore accounts are investment tools, a lot like stocks, bonds, insurance policies and retirement plans. The distinctive feature of an offshore account is, as the name implies, the bank holding the account is in another country and therefore subject to the laws of that other country. This may create legal complications, but it also can give some important legal and financial advantages to a legitimate investor.

Fringe benefits can be a child support trap for high earners

Most residents of Phoenix, Arizona, who work for an area company full-time probably get benefits like paid vacation, health insurance and the option of contributing a portion of their check to a retirement plan. However, some executives and other professionals are fortunate enough to get a lot of other benefits as well, which can include, for instance, a company car and sometimes even some free long-term lodging. Stock options, guaranteed bonuses and the like are also real possibilities for highly compensated employees.