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July 2018 Archives

Custody and visitation for dads accused of domestic violence

Like other states, Arizona has laws protecting victims of domestic violence as well as those victim's children. Basically, although the default in Arizona is that parents should share legal custody of the child and should each get liberal parenting time, this default will not apply when a judge finds domestic violence has occurred or has been occurring regularly over the course of the couple's relationship. Therefore, it is important for fathers or mothers to recognize that, under the law, a court does not have to wait for a criminal conviction or have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that a parent committed an act of domestic violence.

Navigating child support cases when one parent has a high income

A previous post on this blog discussed how Arizona courts handle child support when a parent has been blessed with a great job and thus earns a high income, which the law defines as in excess of $240,000 gross a year. The fact that a family has a good income does not make going through a divorce, or a paternity case, any easier emotionally. Moreover, a divorce or separation in particular will still financially shock both parents simply because they will walk away with approximately half of their resources, only a portion of their income and, quite possibly, additional financial obligations.

What are some possible signs of abuse or neglect?

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, while it may be difficult for grandparents to get custody of their grandchildren as a matter of routine, grandparent custody may be an option in Arizona when it appears that the grandchildren have been abused or neglected.

How to figure child support for high earners

This blog has previously discussed what a parent can do if he or she feels that the other parent is earning a low amount of income but could be earning more if he or she tried. Phoenix, Arizona parents in this situation do have options to make sure that they get adequate child support, despite the other parent not making any income or only a small amount.