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Navigating child support cases when one parent has a high income

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Child Support

A previous post on this blog discussed how Arizona courts handle child support when a parent has been blessed with a great job and thus earns a high income, which the law defines as in excess of $240,000 gross a year. The fact that a family has a good income does not make going through a divorce, or a paternity case, any easier emotionally. Moreover, a divorce or separation in particular will still financially shock both parents simply because they will walk away with approximately half of their resources, only a portion of their income and, quite possibly, additional financial obligations.

A parent who is seeking additional child support, that is, above and beyond what they would get under the Arizona Child Support Guidelines, should never allow themselves to feel greedy or like they are asking for too much. The goal of child support is to put the child in the same position as if their parents were living together, which means both parents should pay their fair share.

This also holds true on a moral or ethical level as well; it is not just for a parent to get out of paying a full share of child support simply because he or she makes too much for the Guidelines to apply to the case. Furthermore, in situations where one parent was a high earner but the other parent stayed home with the children or otherwise sacrificed a career, the lower earner is going to both expect and need help in form of child support.

A parent who needs financial help providing their kids with a sense of financial stability and continuity may need legal representation to get what they need. In this respect, our law office has experience dealing with child support cases where one of the parents earns a lot of money, and we can use that knowledge and experience to represent a parent in their child support needs.