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December 2017 Archives

What sort of evidence do I need for grandparents visitation?

Previous posts on this blog have discussed what Arizona law requires of Phoenix grandparents who want to have court-ordered visits with their grandchildren. To summarize, Arizona law makes it hard, but not impossible, for grandparents to have sanctioned visits with their grandkids even when the children's parents do not approve of the visits.

The way Arizona grandparents can get custody

Many grandparents who live in Phoenix, Arizona, may have some or even all of their grandchildren living with them and under their care. While sometimes the parents of the grandchildren are also in the home, there are other times in which the parents are absent, and the grandparents have no legal authority to take care of their grandchildren in even basic affairs like education or medical care.

A review of Arizona prenuptial agreements

Like other states in the country, Arizona allows couples to enter into prenuptial agreements, which are technically called premarital agreements in this state. This means that if two Phoenix residents decide to marry, they can make an agreement in advance as to how asset valuation and division will be handled in the event of either death or divorce, and the courts will enforce that agreement.