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April 2019 Archives

Dads with substance abuse history may need legal help

Many dads in the Phoenix area struggle with substance abuse. Whether this is due to some youthful mistake or is part of another deep-seated issue, these men may have their lives affected in a number of ways by their substance abuse addictions. Some may even wind up getting convicted of a drug-related offense in one of Arizona's criminal courts.

Can I get out of an Acknowledgement of Paternity?

Previous posts on this blog have discussed Arizona's Acknowledgement of Paternity form. As those posts explain, many men in the Phoenix area sign this form shortly after the birth of a child they believe is theirs. Upon doing so, the man's name will be on the child's birth certificate as long as the form is otherwise properly completed and filed. More importantly, while the details of custody, visitation and the rest of the father's rights and responsibilities may need to be worked out in court, the man will become the legal father of the child. As such, he will have all the legal rights and responsibilities that go with being a dad.

We can assist with urgent custody modifications

Unlike other legal matters, many family law issues are not one-shot deals. For example, things like child support and child custody are all subject to review by the court overseeing the case. The idea is that the best interests of the children involved are subject to change as time goes on.

Custody considerations with respect to schooling

For children, school is a very important part of life. Between classes and activities, Arizona children spend a lot of time either at school or doing school-related activities. In addition to the time commitment, where a child goes to school and how they perform can have a profound impact on their future.