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March 2017 Archives

What are grandparents' rights like in Arizona?

It is not uncommon for grandparents in Arizona to take on a significant role in their grandchild's life. Even though grandparents are often afforded much time with their grandchildren, this is not always the case when major life events occur. Divorce has the tendency to contemplate the relationships everyone has with extended family members, thereby causing some grandparents to invoke their rights.

Understanding visitation rights of grandparents

Divorce is a life event that complicates the lives of many Arizona residents. While the dissolution process tends to impact the spouses involved, it has the tendency to greatly affect the lives of the children involved as well. Some messy or complex divorces have the propensity to impact more than just the spouses an their children. In some cases, the parents of the divorced spouses could be affected as well. This could lead to disputes surrounding the relationship between a grandparent and their grandchildren.

Is the family law system really stacked against fathers?

Many fathers in Phoenix, Arizona, who find themselves in the middle of a custody dispute with their children's mother may believe the common perception that, should they wind up in front of a judge, they will not get a favorable result in a custody case.

Helping you through the property division process

Divorce is never easy. That is true even in cases where spouses collaborate and work together through all the steps of the process. In many cases, divorcing spouses will extend the process, focus on minute details, refuse to budge on issues and even act spiteful. This is likely to result in wasted time, money and emotional sanity.

Adjustments to child support can help your children thrive

The State of Arizona has established a set of guidelines that dictate how much child support a parent may be obligated to pay. The guidelines consider the incomes of the parents as well as the number of children subject to the order. Child support amounts can be adjusted up or down from the prescribed amounts to serve the best interests of the children subject to the support orders.

When a claim of paternity turns out to be fraudulent

A number of U.S. jurisdictions presume that a man is a child's father if he was married to the child's mother when the child was born. If the parents are unmarried when the child is born, a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity will establish a legal relationship between a man and a child. However, in Arizona and throughout the rest of the country, mistakes and even malicious conduct can give a man paternal responsibilities over a child that is biologically not his offspring.

When can a parental kidnapping lead to criminal charges?

When parents choose to live apart, either due to divorce or other circumstances, they may agree to a child custody plan that governs when each parent will have time with their shared child. In Arizona a child custody plan may be created by the parents or may be set by the court through an order; in either case once a child custody plan is accepted by the court the failure of the parties to abide by its terms may be punishable under the law.

What could happen if one stops paying child support?

Parents who are struggling to keep up with their child support obligations are encouraged to speak with family law attorneys. In some cases, an Arizona parent may request a modification to his child support obligation that may reduce the amount he is required to pay or may change the terms of the order or agreement to make repayment more feasible for the non-custodial parent. The failure of a parent to pay child support can result in significant legal penalties being taken against him.