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Adjustments to child support can help your children thrive

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Child Support

The State of Arizona has established a set of guidelines that dictate how much child support a parent may be obligated to pay. The guidelines consider the incomes of the parents as well as the number of children subject to the order. Child support amounts can be adjusted up or down from the prescribed amounts to serve the best interests of the children subject to the support orders.

Parents are usually the best advocates for their children’s needs, and when a custodial parent believes their child requires more support than they are receiving, the custodial parent may seek an adjustment to the existing child support order. Adjustments may be made to provide a child with adequate housing and food, to accommodate changing school costs or fees, or to provide the child with necessary transportation to participate in activities that are important to their life.

Adjustments may also be requested by paying parents when their ability to afford the monthly payments diminishes. The loss of a job may prevent a parent from staying current on their child support obligations, and rather than falling behind on payments a parent may seek the court’s intervention to modify their payment amount or schedule to keep the parent current.

The law office of John Bednarz is available to speak to prospective clients about child support orders and possible adjustments to existing orders. Since every case is different, interested readers are encouraged to learn more about their specific legal situations. Those who wish may begin by exploring our web page on child support and adjustments.