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We can help fathers who are missing out on their kids’ lives

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2016 | Fathers' Rights

It takes two people to bring a child into the world, but some people may think that it takes only a mother’s love to raise children. Historically, mothers received preferential treatment from courts when it came to establishing child custody and visitation plans for children of unmarried or divorce parents; this preference often left fathers fighting for their rights to spend time with their kids.

Though courts in Arizona and throughout the rest of the country now look to give parents an opportunity to share in the custody and support of their kids, fathers sometimes still lose out on important opportunities to be with their children. In some extreme cases, fathers may even have to prove that they have rights to the physical and legal custody of their children by demonstrating their paternity of their own offspring.

Readers of this Phoenix family law blog should know that they do not have to fight their custody and visitation battles alone. John Bednarz, attorney at law, zealously advocates for fathers’ rights and the rights of parents who are denied chances to be with their kids. Though every family law case is different any may produce varying results, attorney Bednarz provides legal guidance and counseling to those individuals who wish to assert their parental rights to support the best interests of their children.

John Bednarz has a comprehensive family law website that is available for review. His firm’s page on fathers’ rights introduces readers to how they may be able to pursue more active roles in their kids’ lives. However, consultation is a good way for people to learn more about their specific options for gaining more time with their kids. John Bednarz may be reached through his website for further discussion about specific family law inquiries.