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Have you been denied visitation with your grandchildren?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2016 | Grandparents' Rights

It is an unfortunate truth that the acrimony that leads two married people to divorce can also spill over into their other relationships. Often a person who chooses to end her marriage may not only want to sever ties with her husband but also with all of her husband’s friends and relatives. Although it may be necessary, a complete split be incredibly difficult when children are involved.

In Arizona, courts recognize the importance of allowing kids to maintain their relationships with their grandparents even after the parents finalize their divorces. This means that, barring certain circumstances that readers are encouraged to speak to their family law attorneys about, grandparents have the right to pursue visitation time with their beloved grandchildren. In essence, a parent cannot unilaterally and automatically prevent a grandparent from maintaining her relationship with her child in all circumstances.

John Bednarz, a Phoenix-based family law attorney, understands the importance of maintaining connections between the different generations of a family. He is a zealous advocate for his clients who wish only to stay in touch with their grandkids despite the challenges those children’s parents may be enduring through their divorces.

As he approaches each case with individualized care, readers who would like to learn more about his practice are encouraged to reach out to John Bednarz today. His law firm is accepting new clients who are experiencing divorce, custody challenges, visitation issues, and a host of other family law problems. To take the first step toward preserving visitation with your grandchildren, please visit John Bednarz‘s law practice online.