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Biological grandparents may have visitation rights

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2016 | Grandparents' Rights

Children often experience emotional hardships when their parents choose to divorce. Though divorce is sometimes a necessary path for the adults bound to the failing relationship, it can create strain between kids, their parents, and other relatives who are involved in their lives. Particularly, biological grandparents can see their relationships with their grandchildren suffer when their child’s marriage ends in divorce.

In Arizona, however, some biological grandparents may have rights to visitation with their grandkids when this situation arises. While married parents can often deny grandparents’ access to their children, unmarried and divorced parents can sometimes be compelled to allow their former partners’ relatives to see their children so that the relatives and the kids may maintain their familial connections. Doing so must serve the best interests of the children subject to the visitation orders, and Arizona courts can address these matters when grandparents petition them to allow them access to their grandchildren.

Attorney John Bednarz works with grandparents who wish to maintain their relationships with their grandchildren after their children divorce or separate from their partners. He includes grandparents’ rights as part of his family law practice and advocates for individuals who wish to preserve their contact with the children they love. Matters of custody and visitation between grandchildren and their biological grandparents can be challenging, but attorney Bednarz provides his clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their legal pursuits.

Divorce is difficult on parents, children, and even grandparents. It breaks up more relationships than just those between husbands and wives. Biological grandparents who wish to better understand their rights to visitation with their grandkids are encouraged to visit John Bednarz online through his grandparents’ rights website.