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Child support for special needs children

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Child Support

Many parents in the Phoenix area are raising children who might be loosely referred to as having “special needs.” These special needs can include medical or rehabilitative care that a child might require on a regular basis because of a physical ailment. Special needs can also include counseling, tutoring and other support when a child struggles with neurological conditions, autism or a learning disability.

While most parents will lovingly pay for them, there is no doubt that these extra costs put a financial burden on parents. Should a child with special needs also have parents who live in two separate households, then it is only fair that this financial burden be split equitably via an appropriate child support order.

Arizona’s Child Support Guidelines already factor in that one parent, or both, will provide health insurance coverage for the children, as this is an expectation that the law imposes on parents who live separately. Additionally, as part of a basic child support order, a court also will order each parent to pay a certain percentage of uninsured medical costs. The costs of education can also be included in a child support order.

Additionally, the Guidelines acknowledge that some children have special needs, these “special needs” even including the extra opportunities that are often important to provide to a remarkably gifted child. A court can adjust child support to make sure these needs are met, but it is often important to make sure to have a family law attorney help make the case to the court that is should do so.