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On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Child Custody

The special relationship that exists between a parent and his child can experience significant stress when a divorce or parental separation occurs. When two people who have children choose to go their separate ways, they must enter into a sometimes difficult negotiation regarding how they will continue to support their shared kids. Arizona parents must establish custody and visitation arrangements that consider how the physical and legal custodial needs of their children should be met.

Not every parent ends up with physical and legal custody of his children. Some may have the exclusive right to both or may share both with the children’s other parent. Others may only have legal custody and still others may have visitation rights and no custodial rights at all. When a parent’s right to see his kids is dependent upon the other parent’s willingness to abide by the terms of a visitation order or agreement, problems can arise.

Interference in the visitation relationship between a parent and child can disrupt the important and often short stretches of that the two have together. When a custodial parent refuses to follow the terms of the agreement or order that establishes the other parent’s visitation rights, the custodial parent may be subject to sanctions by the family court.

Every parent who has visitation time with his children should be able to enjoy those experiences to the fullest extent and in accordance with the agreement or order that protects it. John Bednarz, attorney at law, is an advocate for parents who are struggling to make their custody and visitation arrangements work. Whether their challenges arise from interference, changes in their schedules, or other issues, John Bednarz is available to help parents seek the changes they need to protect their time with their kids.