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Child support should cover a child’s daily expenses

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2016 | Child Support

Many Arizona children live with the luxury of waking up in comfortable homes and enjoying necessities, like food and warmth without fearing that those necessary elements may suddenly disappear. When children’s parents go through a divorce, the court hearing those legal matters can take steps to ensure that the children’s living experiences are not significantly altered and that their ongoing needs are met. One of the ways that a court can do this is through the ordering of child support as a payment from one parent to his or her noncustodial children.

Generally, child support should meet a child’s every day needs. Every day needs include the provision of food and drinks for the meals children need to be healthy, but also extra sustenance that kids require, such as for needed snacks.

Every day needs for the purposes of child support also encompass costs associated with providing children with a home. A home need not be a mortgaged or privately owned property. Rental costs can be paid with child support funds, if the rent puts a roof over a child’s head. Child support may also be used to pay utility bills for electric and water services, if those costs are needed to keep children in safe and sound homes.

Finally, child support can be used to provide kids with clothing to meet their everyday needs. Depending on the climate where the child lives and the activities in which he or she is involved, the child’s wardrobe needs may differ significantly from those of other children in Arizona. As such, the individual aspects of every divorce and child support case should be evaluated when determining an appropriate amount of money a child needs to have his every day expenses met after his or her parents’ divorce.