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Assert fathers’ rights in order to have time with children

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2015 | Fathers' Rights

A father has rights to spend time with his kids. In Arizona, many mothers and fathers successfully share child custody of their children and both parents are able to forge strong parent-child relationships with their offspring. However, in some situations, fathers are prevented from having access to their kids and miss out on participating in some of their children’ important life events.

If a father is not included as a parent on a child’s birth certificate it can be challenging — but not impossible — for him to later gain rights in his child’s life. Through DNA testing and providing evidence that a child really is the biological relation of an alleged father, a father can begin the process of building a solid relationship with his child.

Even if a father is included on a child’s birth certificate certain issues can arise that can bar him from being the parent he desires to be through custody or visitation. When a father experiences a legal hurdle to having custody or visitation with his kids, he has the right to consult with an attorney to discuss ways of overcoming his challenges. John Bednarz, attorney at law, represents fathers in just these difficult situations.

Attorney John Bednarz provides legal services in the area of family law, including advocacy for fathers’ rights. His firm is committed to providing its new and existing clients with superlative legal help and assisting them with achieving their legal goals. Both mothers and fathers deserve to spend time with their children. Our law firm can work with Arizona fathers to make time with their children a reality.