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Helping to protect grandparents’ child custody rights in Arizona

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2015 | Grandparents' Rights

Much like any state, child custody disputes in Arizona can become even more complicated if grandparents enter the equation. For a variety of reasons, parents are sometimes unable to care for their children and their own parents must step in. For their part, grandparents must understand the differences between relative visitation rights and custody rights.

Certain conditions must be met before visitation or custody rights are granted to grandparents. If the grandparent’s own children do not have child custody, then a court can intervene. In addition, the child’s parents must be divorced at least 3 months before a custody petition can be filed. If the child’s parents were not married, a court can also intervene.

If the parents are not divorced and there is no hostility between them, grandparents have restricted visitation rights. The law that allows grandparents visitation rights is more relaxed in Arizona than other states, but courts still prefer parental custody.

We understand how complicated legal disputes can be when it comes to assertion of grandparent custody and visitation rights. For these reasons, we work to develop a custom solution that focuses on protecting the best interests of a child as well as meeting the interests of grandparents who are eligible for child custody or visitation.

The dissolution of a marriage can be a very difficult process to go through, especially when children are involved. Such situations can get even more complicated if custody enters the equation and parties other than the children’s parents are involved. For more information on grandparent’s rights and how our firm may be able to help, visit our website.