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Celebrity divorce ends with property division, custody matters

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2015 | Property Division

Unlike many other celebrity couples, musical artists Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale did not have a prenuptial agreement in place during their marriage. Now that the power couples is going through a divorce after the dissolution of their 13-year marriage, Stefani and Rossdale have had to contend with the difficult divorce-related negotiations that many Arizona couples have had to deal with when their marriages end. In particular, Stefani and Rossdale have had to determine what to do with their vast wealth and how to establish custody of their three young children.

Rossdale reportedly agreed to accept less than half of the couple’s shared wealth, leaving Stefani with the bulk of the pair’s assets. The couple also agreed to share physical custody of their minor children. However, despite the fact that they will each have physical custody rights to the kids, it is stipulated that the boys will spend more time in Rossdale’s custody to accommodate Stefani’s work schedule.

The concessions and accommodations that these two famous musicians have had to make during their divorce are common to the negotiations that regular people make in their divorces as well. Although the scope of their property division settlements may not be as extensive, Arizona couples also must weigh in on the best interests of their kids when making child custody decisions just as Rossdale and Stefani had to do in their own divorce.

Marriages end for both the famous and the unknown. Despite their differing levels of celebrity, couples in all walks of life have to travel similar paths when it comes to ending their marriages. To learn more about methods of pursuing divorce in Arizona, readers of this family law blog should investigate their legal rights and options.

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