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Best interests of the child will guide family court decisions

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Child Custody

The dissolution of a marriage often occurs when parents decide that they no longer wish to be in a relationship with each other. But even if the marriage ends, parents must address how to take care of their kids after their divorce. When Arizona courts get involved in child custody matters, they will assess what outcomes would serve the best interests of the children.

Children’s best interests can vary, and for this reason it is important that individuals facing custody and support hearings recognize that no two family law cases can be guaranteed to have the same outcome. An individual should not assume that his custody matter will turn out like that of one of his or her friends; the needs of individual children and the dynamics of a particular family can change how a court rules on the details of a custody matter.

In Arizona courts, parents can be granted different custody arrangements that involve the legal upbringing and physical custody of their children. A court may determine that it is better for children to reside exclusively with one parent while giving the other parent visitation rights; it may also, if the facts of the case lend themselves to such an outcome, give both parents shared custody rights over the decision-making and physical custody of their kids.

Attorney John Bednarz works in the family law field and represents parents who are facing child custody battles. He helps his clients fight for their rights to be with their children and advocates for custody and visitation arrangements that work for their particular families. His firm is available to discuss your custody and visitation case with you and to discuss your options for maintaining relationships with your children after you end your marriage.