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When will a child support obligation end?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2019 | Child Support

Whether a parent is married or not, they are generally expected to help provide their child with financial support. Their child custody arrangement will dictate how much time the parent gets to spend with the child, and it will also direct how much child support the parent must pay to ensure the child has what they need. In Phoenix, child support may be enforced through a variety of different legal paths until parental obligations to pay cease.

The end of a child support order or agreement may come about in many different ways. Oftentimes, these obligations end when children become adults. Upon reaching the age of majority, people may be considered capable of providing for their own financial needs.

Additionally, child support may end when a terminal event happens in life. If a child is receiving support and chooses to get married, their child support payments may end, as they have their spouse to help support them. Additionally, a child who enlists in the military may see their child support payments terminate, as their involvement in the armed services will help them take care of their living requirements.

Children who seek emancipation from their parents may also, through their legal actions, bring about the end of their child support obligations. Parents who want to know more about when and how their child support orders and agreements will end will need to get more information about family law. The terms of child support documents may outline how termination can and will occur in specific situations.