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Asset valuation can make divorce complex

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2016 | Property Division

Even in the most harmonious divorces, individuals can find themselves embroiled in battles over the property they shared with their partners. Arizona residents may fight over who will take the marital home after their relationship ends, who will get the cars, who will keep the family photos and who will get to control the retirement accounts. Couples can accumulate a significant amount of tangible and intangible property over the course of their relationships, and when divorce becomes necessary, separating out those items can be an overwhelming experience.

For this reason, it is important for divorcing parties to work with family law attorneys who recognize and understand the significance of asset valuation and division during the divorce process. The failure of a party to advocate for the property he or she wants and needs in his or her post-divorce life can result in financial problems for the individual later on. Attorney John Bednarz operates a Phoenix-area family law practice through which he is a zealous advocate for his clients’ property wants and needs during their divorces.

Property laws can directly impact how and what items a person can pursue during a divorce. The classification of property as marital property or separate property can affect how a court will assign it at the end of a marriage. Attorney Bednarz is prepared to explain these and the many other property laws that impact divorce-based property divisions to his clients and utilize the law and facts of each case to build solid cases for his clients’ positions.

The value of a piece of property can be sentimental or financial. Both can be extremely important to individuals who are ending marriages and starting new lives as single people. With the help of a family law attorney like John Bednarz, individuals can actively work toward maintaining ownership of their property during their divorces.