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Father arrested after picking up daughter from school

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Fathers' Rights

All too often in a divorce that involves children, fathers seem to be left out in the cold. While fathers may bear the responsibility of paying child support, the relationship with their children can suffer. When a judge considers the best interests of a child or children, a father’s rights are an important part of the equation. As Arizonian’s know, fathers play an important role in their children’s lives. Father’s often must fight extra hard for their rights and to preserve their relationship with their children. Sometimes, however, fathers can go too far and jeopardize their future custodial rights.

One example of a father who maybe over-stepped his rights come from a 38-year-old Ohio man who did what many fathers do every single day, picked up his daughter from school. But this father did not have parental rights and was soon arrested for violating custodial rules set in place. The incident occurred after a woman claiming to be the child’s mother called the school to say that the girl’s father would be picking her up from school that day. But after an investigation the police determined that the child’s mother did not make that call.

The father with no parental or court-ordered rights, picked the child up from school and left the county. Local police put out a “look out” for the father and he was soon detained in another county. The man was brought back to Montmorency County and was charged with kidnapping and child enticement.

When approaching divorce or child custody issues, parents often have many questions and seek guidance to ensure their rights and interests are protected. An experienced attorney can help a parent understand their options and fight for their rights.

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