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Serious penalties for man’s failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2014 | Child Support

People shirk their responsibilities for many different reasons. Some may do it because they really feel that they cannot comply with the responsibility. Others may do it because they think they can get away with non-compliance. Child support is one area where, unfortunately, many Arizona residents fail to handle their obligations. But the penalties for failure to pay child support can be surprising and quite detrimental to everyone involved.

One Arizona mother enlisted the help of the local police in an effort to get thousands of dollars owed by her ex-husband in back child support. She wrote a letter to the Sheriff’s office to try and help the police find the man. The woman had been waiting for child support payments from the father of her now 16-year-old daughter since the child was five years old. The authorities located the man on a golf course and chased him down with golf cart. He was arrested pursuant to a warrant for failure to pay child support and for fleeing from police.

Even when two parents divorce, their joint obligation to support and provide for their children does not end. Difficulties can arise if child support is insufficient, consistently unpaid, or excessive. For this reason, and to best ensure that a child’s needs are provided for, parents should work together from the outset to reach a fair and workable child support determination.

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines exist to provide a fair and equitable way to resolve these disputes and simplify the process. Based on the incomes of both parents, the custody and parenting time arrangements, expenses related to health care and childcare, and the number of children, the Guidelines aim to facilitate the decisions made by family court judges on child support issues. Although the guidelines are rather clear-cut, an experienced attorney can help parents understand the process and bring important factors to light that should play a role in the child support decisions.

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