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Ex-husband of “Breaking Bad” actress seeks child support payments

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2014 | Child Support

Parenthood often means making difficult decisions regarding children. This is especially true for parents dealing with a divorce. Arizona parents are aware that child custody and child support decisions are not easily made during a divorce, and they often create tension and arguments between parents. They can greatly affect the divorcing spouses, as well as the children, during dissolution and post-divorce. Even when an amicable child support arrangement is reached, the agreement might later require modification or enforcement.

“Breaking Bad” actress Anna Gunn was recently asked for child support from her ex-husband. The couple split in 2008, which was also the year the hit show premiered. The two finalized their divorce in 2009 and reached an agreement regarding support for their two daughters. According to reports, the former couple agreed that Gunn would provide child support for a short amount of time. This would help cover the costs accrued for raising their two daughters.

Even though the child support payments have ceased, per their agreement, Dunn’s ex-husband is seeking child support payments because circumstances have significantly changed regarding each individual’s finances. According to the report, Dunn raked in over $1 million during the last season of Breaking Bad, while her ex-spouse brought in $10,000 a month. He further cites her current and upcoming roles that indicate that she can afford the requested child support payment.

Oftentimes, circumstances change in a post-divorce relationship. Each spouse is able to move on and might become more financially stable than they were during their marriage or during the divorce process. If an ex-spouse believes that there has been a substantial change in circumstances and they can provide evidence that their children could utilize more child support, then child support could be increased or reinstated.

Child support issues can develop into a very complex situation between ex-spouses. No matter what it is each parent is seeking, it is important to focus on the best interest of the child. This factor should control the child support agreement.

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