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Singer Chris Brown wins child custody fight

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Child Custody

Arizona fans of singer Chris Brown may have heard that the artist has been fighting a challenging family law battle. Brown has a one-year-old daughter with a former girlfriend, who was seeking sole custody of the child. Brown and his ex-partner have been in court negotiating over child support and custody.

Brown recently won custody rights over his child. He and the child’s mother will share physical custody of her and she will move between her parents’ homes every four days. Additionally, Brown and his attorneys were able to block the mother’s request for more child support for the girl. As Brown will now share in the direct care of the child, he will continue to pay $2,500 in support rather than the $15,000 per month requested by the mother.

Although some Arizona parents may not even know how to relate to a $15,000 per month request for child support, many can understand a parent’s desire to spend time with his child. Parents who lack custody often struggle to have sufficient parenting time with their kids. The fact that Brown and his former partner were never married brings attention to the fact that unmarried couples struggle with child support and child custody matters just as do divorced parents.

Brown will have an opportunity to get to know his young daughter now that he has custody. Like other parents who have had to fight to have time with their children, Brown has had to engage with the legal system to protect his rights as a parent. For individuals who have questions about securing child support or custody of their kids, family law professionals are available for consultation.

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