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Can an unmarried father seek custody of his children?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Fathers' Rights

Custody disputes often arise when married individuals decide to divorce. Along with determining how they will divide their property and money, establishing a child custody plan is one of the most important things that Arizona parents must do. However, custody issues can come up for parents who have never sought legal recognition for their relationships.

It may seem as though when unmarried parents must create custody arrangements that the mothers always get primary physical and legal custody of the kids. However, practically any parent who has a biological connection to his child has a right to pursue custody of the youth. Attorneys who practice family law can advise their clients on the exceptions that prevent biological parents from seeking custody of their kids.

An unmarried father may seek custody or visitation with his offspring and if a court determines that granting such placement will serve the best interests of the child then he father may receive the time with his children that he wants. However, readers of this Arizona family law blog are cautioned that due to the different facts that may be present in different cases it is not possible to predict how a particular custody matter may be resolved.

Once a father has established paternity for a child then he may seek to create a child custody agreement with the child’s other parent. If coming to an agreement is not possible for the parents then the father may seek to move the matter to court for resolution. Child custody issues are given careful consideration and judges for such cases consider many factors before deciding how a child’s custody will be established. If those factors point toward giving the unmarried father custody then he may just get his wish.