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Grandparents may seek more time with grandkids in the New Year

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2016 | Grandparents' Rights

Many grandparents covet the time that they get to spend with their grandchildren. Though being a grandparent is not always an easy job as they often have to walk a difficult line between respecting the rules set by the kids’ parents and maintaining loving contact with the youths, most Arizona grandparents look forward to the days that they get to spend with their children’s kids. Unfortunately, though, not all grandparents are afforded adequate opportunities to see the young people that they so love.

Divorce can be a difficult event in the lives of a couple and their kids, but divorce often has a deleterious effect on the relationship between a child and his grandparents as well. In some situations a grandparent may be cut out of a child’s life if the child placed in the custody of the parent who is not the child of the grandparent; in effect, the divorce ends the relationship between the parents and the relationship between the child and his extended family members as well.

In such scenarios a grandparent may have visitation rights to spend more time with the grandkids that he loves. In Arizona a grandparent can, in some circumstances, seek visitation after the parents of a grandchild go through a divorce. Grandparents can also have visitation rights in some situations where the child’s parents are unwed.

As the calendar year comes to a close and Arizona residents begin making resolutions for the coming year, some may hope to rekindle relationships with individuals that have faded from their lives. The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is incredibly important; for those readers who wish to learn more about grandparent visitation rights in Arizona, family law attorneys can help answer questions and provide guidance on case-specific inquiries.