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Grandparents can trust us to give honest, frank advice

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2018 | Grandparents' Rights

As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, a grandparent in the Phoenix area may have rights to see their grandchildren and may even have the option of pursuing custody in certain circumstances.

However, as many grandparents probably know, a child’s parents may not always agree to letting the grandparents visit with the grandchildren, and they are even more likely to fight when they feel their rights to custody are being threatened by the grandparents.

For this reason, our law office emphasizes offering sound advice to Phoenix-area grandparents who have questions about or problems with their custody or visitation with their grandchildren. After gathering all the facts, we will help our clients evaluate all of their legal options and decide which one would be best for them. In many cases, it might be best to try to negotiate an agreement so the grandparent can have at least some time with their grandchildren.

Of course, should grandparents have a solid case for visitation or a custody under the provisions of Arizona law, then we will take all reasonable steps necessary to make sure they get the visitation to which they are entitled. Under the right circumstances, we may be able even to help them secure a custody order so that they can properly and legally care for their grandchildren.

While many grandparents in Arizona can and do get court orders for custody or visitation with respect to their grandchildren, this does not mean a grandparent can just walk in to court on their own and expect to get what they want. That is why grandparents trust us to provide legal representation in an effort to both accomplish their goals and have a solid relationship with their grandchildren.