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Dads should be ready to assert their rights in the new year

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2019 | Fathers' Rights

It turns out that there is some truth to the rumor that a lot of people go through divorces, separations or just informal breakups in January.

At least according to one study, January is not the month when new divorces are most common. Instead, that dubious honor belongs to the month of March, followed closely by August.

January is, however, a month in which the number of filings for divorce seem to increase substantially, being well ahead of the number of filings in December and, for that matter, the last three months of the preceding year. From January, the numbers continue to climb until they peak in March before falling modestly until a secondary peak in August.

The reasons behind these numbers is largely a matter of speculation. For instance, some think that the number of filings go down in the late fall because of the major holidays around that time. These are often occasions a couple will not want to disrupt via a split.

Others think that the high numbers in March and August are related to failed efforts to save a relationship via a big Valentine’s Day celebration or a nice summer getaway.

Whatever the reason, men who are in relationships that seem headed for choppy waters should be prepared during these upcoming weeks and months to defend their fathers’ rights to things like custody, visitation and equitable child support, as well as their marital right to a fair division of any community property.

In many instances, the stakes are much higher than money, as the outcome of a split could determine whether a man will or will not have an ongoing relationship with his children.  Fortunately for Fathers, Arizona law protects a Father’s rights regarding children, property and child support.

Even if one is taken off guard by the end of a relationship, a Phoenix, Arizona, resident can make some headway with achieving his goals and securing his rights with the help of a seasoned fathers’ rights attorney.