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Representation in cross-border custody disputes

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Child Custody

A previous post on this blog talked about how international child custody disputes are potentially very complicated. This is especially true when there are allegations that one parent has taken the child out of the country improperly.

The reason they are so complicated is that a lot of laws can affect the case. In addition to Arizona law, the laws of the federal government, the terms of international treaties and even the laws of a foreign country can also be in play.

For these and other reasons, a parent who is involved in a custody dispute that spans across state lines or even international borders will want to be sure that they have the assistance of a family law attorney. This attorney should have a thorough knowledge of all the relevant child custody laws, and one who knows how to navigate them.

Whether a person is in the midst of a cross-border custody fight or is simply trying to get an existing order enforced against an unwilling parent, the attorneys at our law office may be able to help. We have extensive experience handling child custody matters, and understand the nuances of international child custody matters. We represent all types of parents in a variety of family situations, and we investigate each case thoroughly to tailor a strategy that is right for our client’s individual circumstances.

Although international custody problems are always stressful, our goal is to minimize this stress as much as possible. That way, our clients can focus on doing what they need to do to develop a great relationship with their children.