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On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Property Division

For a variety of reasons, many Phoenix, Arizona, residents decide to handle a divorce, paternity case or other family law matter without the help of a lawyer. Particularly during the Great Recession, but even now, sometimes the reason for doing so is financial.

In other cases, a person may be in a sensitive situation where having a lawyer fully engaged in the process may not be a viable option and could, for reasons outside the control of the lawyer, even make the problem worse.

While our law office would always be very quick to recommend that a person get the advice and assistance of an attorney in even what seems like a routine family law matter, we recognize that many people’s situations make doing so difficult.

For this reason, we offer a form of limited scope representation by helping people draft or review family law legal documents commonly used in divorces and other family law contexts. Many people turn to online resources and even to people who do not have adequate legal training to help them with drafting such documents.

Doing so is always a risky move, since a document that is unclear, poorly worded, incomplete or even legally unenforceable can present very serious legal problems down the road that will, at a minimum, require a lengthy legal process to hopefully straighten out.

We are able to help a person review their own legal documents and filings to make sure that they are complete and that there are no obvious problems that can sink the document’s worth. Moreover, we can also talk clients through their contracts and make sure their interests are protected and provided for down to the details.