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Why may a court order sole custody of a child?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2019 | Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most challenge issues for Arizona parents to resolve when they decide to end their relationships. Whether they divorce or separate, parents must decide what to do to best serve the needs and interests of their kids. This process can be complex and when parents cannot work out custody matters on their own they may need to turn to the courts for help.

Arizona courts can provide families with an array of child custody plans. As readers of this blog know, not all families will have the same experiences or outcomes when they choose to litigate their family law matters. As such, this post is provided to give readers information about the topic of child custody and is not intended to be read as legal advice.

In terms of physical custody, parents can be awarded shared or joint custody, or one parent may be granted sole custody. Sole custody can be ordered for different reasons. Often, sole custody is the result when one parent simply cannot take care of their child due to illness, injury, or addiction. It may also be ordered if a parent has a history of violence that may put the child in danger when under their care.

If a court orders sole custody of a child, the noncustodial parent may have the option to pursue visitation time with their child. Whether visitation will be granted will depend on the needs of the child, the parents’ roles in their lives, and other factors. Readers should talk to their own attorneys about their child custody questions and concerns to get the best possible information for their own cases.